Slot Filling help

Hey, today I ask a simple help… I have an action in my that needs to fill a single slot. I do not want to use a formAction for such a trivial task, so I want to ask. Will this work? :

if check_starter_or_main(food_items[0],restId):
                dispatcher.utter_message(text='Do you want that as a starter or main dish? The prices for each is different.')
                starter_or_main = self.from_text()
return [SlotSet('starter_or_main',starter_or_main)

Also are there slot properties? Say I want to add a 0-1 flag to a slot… how can I do that?

@arkaprabha-majumdar SlotSet should work. Did you try it? What does the flag indicate? If the flag indicates extra information, it makes sense to create a new slot for it. But if the flag just indicates that the slot was set or not then you don’t need a flag and you can check it directly in your custom action code.

Yes, SlotSet worked…made two slots. I figured that whole portion out :smiley: