Slot filling dynamically

Hi Team,

I have another issue with detecting entities and displaying the slot type values captured from entities mentioned in domain file.

If I mention entities and it’s value along in stories file like below it’s works as expected: for Ex:

  • greet -utter_greet
  • mylastname {“name”:“John”} -utter_namewithbookingnumber
  • mybookingnumber{“refnumber”:“XYT23U”} -utter_booking_isin_progress

and so. Above slots works fine. But my requirement is User just enters his name and detect entity and display it back asking confirmation from user.
Can I get entities directly to the slots without using inform{} method which I feel it is static method. Could you suggest how can I proceed with same. Thanks in advance. Let me know if need more details.

Regards, Swamy

Hey @Swamy. Apologies for a late response in this. Are you still working on this issue? Simply speaking, it all depends on how you want to design the conversation between the bot and the user. As of now, when the user simply states their name, you would need to label this input with some kind of intent. We usually suggest calling this intent inform, because it can then be used not only for things like names but any other information where the users simply provide the details (could be address, age, phone number, the coffee type they want to buy, etc). If the details your bot asks the user (name, booking number) are mandatory, you could use Forms for that.