Slot problem

i need help In the normal case the chatbot asks user for his name and user answers it, but here the name does not change why ? this is my :

intent : names

  • my name is [julia] (name) -I 'm [julia] (name) and this is my domain:


  • text: “give me your name” and this is my stories:

names path

  • names

    • utter_names

Hi @rawnak, your story file will need to be modified so that the utter_names question from the bot appears before the user provides their name and uses saves the entity into a slot value called name. It could look something like:

* greet 
  - utter_greet
  - utter_names
* name
  - utter_how_are_you

and your domain.yml would look like:

- name

    type: text

- text: "Hello"
- text: "Give me your name"
- text: "How are you doing {name}?"
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thank u so much can you please help me for solving other problem if u don’t mind here my

intent: create0

  • how I can [create] (create) a map
  • I want to [create] (create) a map
  • can you [create] (create) a card for me
  • [creation] (creation) card

intent: create

  • my name is [rawand] (name)
  • [ahmed ayadi] (name)
  • my name is [ilhem] (name)
  • [rawnak yahyaoui] ( name )
  • it is [iheb soltani] ( name)

intent: create1

  • my CIN number [00000000] (numCIN)
  • my CIN is [01224578] (numCIN)
  • CIN card [87995412] (numCIN)
  • [54661425] (numCIN)
  • [01245698] (numCIN)

intent: create2

  • my phone number is [+21600000000] (numT)
  • [+21692111111] (numT)
  • my number is [+2169012345] (numT)
  • [+21622222222] (numT) and here my domain.yml:


  • text: “give me u name”


  • text: “give me ur your identity card number”


  • text: “give me ur phone number”


  • text: “your card has been created successfully”

and this the stories


  • create0
    • utter_create
  • create
    • utter_créer1
  • create1
    • utter_créer2
  • create2
    • utter_reponse

my problem is when i do rasa shell it’s not showing me the utter_create contains the question :give me ur phone number" it just go to the 2nd