Slack api issue while connecting with rasa

I was able to connect rasa to slack via ngrok. Now, when im trying to interact with the bot from slack it is giving an error. The settings of rasa are here and error is given below image|690x387


slack.errors.SlackApiError: The request to the Slack API failed. The server responded with: {‘ok’: False, ‘error’: ‘missing_scope’, ‘needed’: ‘chat:write:user’, ‘provided’: ‘incoming-webhook,im:history,channels:history,groups:history,mpim:history’}

Any clue ? how to solve this issue.

hi @arundeep - as the error message from the API says, your token has insufficient permissions. You need a token with chat:write:user scope.

Thanks, and how to get hold of this token ?

please check the slack API documentation for that