Skype integration with Rasa

Hi, @degiz @Juste, I am planning to integrate skype with Rasa. I have a standalone service(running in python) for skype. By using it, I can resolve the FAQ of the skype user. Now I want to integrate this skype into rasa to handle chit chat and multi-level conversation. I have gone through different channels of the rasa framework but did not find any channel that i can modify for skype integration. So I am thinking to implement the below design to integrate rasa with Skype. I need your suggestion on this. Can i use this or we have a better approach:-

image .

Kindly provide your valuable feedback. It will be very helpful.

Thanks in advance

Hi @prasgaut. As of now we don’t have a pre-made connector for Slack, however we had quite a few people in our community looking into integrating Rasa with Skype for Business. I hope this thread can be helpful for you.

Overall, your idea of connecting Rasa to Skype seems good to me. You could try building a custom connector for the integration between Rasa and Skype. If you do, that could be a very nice contribution to Rasa Open Source.

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