How i can connect rasa chat-bot to skype

Hey everyone, I want to connect my rasa chat-bot to skype. Is this possible? if yes, then how to do this. I will appreciate any help. Thanks!

Hi @erohmensing , Please help me that how can i connect rasa chat-bot to skype.

Hi @PureLogics, do you mean Skype for business? If so check here: Skype for Business Channel

No, I want to connect my chat-bot to simple Skype

Looks like botframework channel is the way to go then according to skype for developers:

Would i have to buy Azure services for this?

Hm, I’m not sure, it might be so. When I went to set up a botframework bot I did run into some free trial stuff with Azure that ran out.

Can you please share the instructions or any helping material how you set up botframework?

Honestly, I didn’t get very far :smiley:the connector was added by one of our contributors, with not too much description for how to set up a botframework bot if you don’t have any experience. I would also love instructions.

hahaha Ok, I Would have to try myself then.