Skype integration with rasa bot framework with not using azure frame work

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how to integrate rasa with skype without use azure micrisoft frame work?

I don’t believe we have a channel for normal Skype yet but I believe if they have an API you should be able to use that, not sure if they have an API though. I believe they have API’s for Business and normal skype which you can see more about at Skype Developer Platform | Microsoft Docs.

I haven’t looked at this myself yet but might be an option.

Hey thanks for reply, but we need a Microsoft app id and password to keep in credentials.yml. how to use skype API to rasa integration… we are building Skype for business here.

Well currently there is not an official channel for Skype for Rasa I don’t believe yet but someone in the community wrote a post about one they made at Skype for Business Channel so maybe you could look at that.

Otherwise you or someone would have to create a custom channel to talk to Rasa, more on that can be found at Custom Connectors which basically uses REST webhook calls to interact with the external channel provider which would be Skype in this case. So you would have to see how Skype’s business API worked.

How to provide endpoints here is it like http://localhost:5055/webhook action endpoints? or it rasa server endpoints like http://localhost:8080

I’m not sure I haven’t tried that connector yet, I would recommend asking on the other thread or on the user’s github repo as an issue. Their readme isn’t very clear on how to set this up from what I can see.

Normally for custom connectors it would follow the examples mentioned in Custom Connectors which is http://localhost:5005/webhooks/myio/webhook where myio is the component name like mattermost, slack, etc .

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