Setting Rasa X to Production Ready in K3S containers

I’ve used the one stop install script to install Rasa and Rasa X using Multipass on my Mac. So far so good, I had a previous model with some training and managed to get it on Github and into Rasa X and I’ve had somebody else try it from the links but I’m struggling to make it production ready. There isn’t a credential.yml file in the Rasa X interface so I’ve used the one created with rasa init and amended the credential.yml then pushed to Github but after rebooting the k3s server I still cannot get socketio to work.

So what is the correct way to amend the credential.yml file on a k3s cluster to make the service production ready ?


Hey @depicus, the credentials don’t come in from Git – there’s instructions on each of the deployment pages about how to set up external channels. For the k3s deployment the instructions can be found here: One-Line Deploy Script

Basically you export the credentials to an ADDITIONAL_CHANNEL_CREDENTIALS environment variable and then re-run the deployment with the -E flag to apply it.

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