Not able to write story

HI, I have a problem is writing stories. I have written the stories as follows:

Here every time I enter my address dialog flow is going to 3rd story. Whatever the I started my conversion with. The dialog flow is not getting decided from the start of the conversation

For example:

user: Nearby_location bot: action_ask_address user : gives the address bot: action_contact_deatils

All the stories have the address intent, maybe it’s getting conflict, can anyone help me by telling me how to write a story for this scenario.

I feel like the stories you wrote up there work better as rules. What do your rules look like?

Hi @snek , I have not written any rules can u help me by giving some example

You can read about rules in the docs here:

If your intent is conflicting, maybe you can use slots as a flag to help Rasa decide which action to take next. For example, you could have a nearby_bin slot set to true when the user asks for a nearby bin location using /Nearby_bin_location. Now your rule can have a condition:


- rule: show nerby bins when asked
  - slot_was_set:
    - nearby_bin: true
  - intent: give_address 
  - action: action_near_by_bin

Since you are collecting so many pieces of info from users, I would also suggest looking into forms:

It feels like action_ask_address will only fill the address slot, but not longitude or latitude.

Also, I find it hard to understand your intent names.

I might be wrong, but I think intent names should be a single string, maybe using an underscore: address_entities.