Sending an image as a reply in messenger


I have been trying to send an image as a reply. When using the above code i do not get any reply in messenger. But when using dispatcher.utter_message(attachment=message)


I get this in reply . Is there anything that I am missing? Any suggestions ?

Hi @dumjanaakash,

If you are using botfront/rasa-webchat frontend , then you have to send attachement like this:

image = ""
        message = {
            "type": "image",
            "payload": {
                "title": "Title name",
dispatcher.utter_message(attachment = message)

I am using the facebook’s messenger application. I gave a try with your idea too. But its not showing image. Do you have any idea on it?

Hey @dumjanaakash,

Got it. I am also new to integrating Rasa into facebook, This is what I did on the I just sent image url in


Got the image displaying in the FB Messenger, However I tried .svg and its not supporting

Hope it helps!

Thanks a lot. This one did it :smiley: