How to send images as bot responses in Slack?


I want display images in the chat bot in slack. Can anyone please help me on how to send images from rasa to slack

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You can use urls for images or create a simple REST API for getting the image in rasa actions server using custom actions…there is a parameter image in dispatcher. dispatcher.utter_template(“utter_greet”,tracker, image=“image_url”)

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Hey @Bhargav, you can also create a template in your domain file that has an image like so:

  - text: "Here is something to cheer you up:"
    image: ""

then you can use the utter_cheer_up action directly or via dispatcher.utter_template("utter_cheer_up", tracker).

Hi @imabhinav-am , @erohmensing,

Thank you very much. This is working fine :slight_smile:

One small information. Can we send the images from our local path\system. I am trying to do that. Its not working :frowning_face:

For that you have to create an API on your system or host the image somewhere on internet

HI @imabhinav-am,

Can you please explain me more about how to create API?


@Bhargav are you able to do it with the file URI scheme? file URI scheme - Wikipedia

Depending on your OS it should look something like file:///path/to/image.png or something like that

Hi @erohmensing,

I tried the file url but this is not working

You have to use flask to create a REST Api for sending images

Hi Abhinav ? Is there any example of this on Git ? I Don’t find one :expressionless:

@Bhargav, sorry I haven’t tested myself so I can’t be sure, but if the image path doesn’t work, then you probably have to host the image somewhere.

I have to admit, I’m a bit confused about sending images as a response. Whenever I add an image to a response template, the domain won’t train/validate unless I also include text.

rasa_core.domain.InvalidDomain: Utter template ‘utter_image_reply’ needs to contain’- text: ’ attribute to be a propertemplate

What am I doing wrong?

hi @erohmensing , If I want to send multiple images how can define please help me on that, I want to create image slider in my bot UI.

you can do it with flask web server. here I have attached a sample code for that



 - images 

from flask import Flask, send_file
import os

app = Flask(__name__)

def get_image(image_name):
   img_dir = "./images"
   img_path = os.path.join(img_dir,image_name)
   return img_path

def main(image_name): 
    image = get_image(image_name) 
    return send_file(image,mimetype=‘image/png’)

if __name__ == "__main__":,port=3001)

In domain file make a response as follow:


 - text: sample_image
   image: localhost:3001/image_name.jpg

you need to set multiple action in your story/rule




 - text : resposne_1
   image: url_1


 - text : resposne_2
   image: url_2


  intent: user_intent
  action: utter_response_1
  action: utter_response_2