Send notification to specific user

Hii everyone I am building a bot for my company’s internal employee portal using rasa. I am thinking of using google calendar’s api to send notifications like change in meeting schedules etc. So my query is how to send notification to specific person. like if there is some change in calendar of person A then rasa should send notification to person A’s account on the employee portal. @stephens

I wouldn’t use Rasa for this but you can take a look at external events here. You must first have a conversation/sender id for each of your users for this to work. These id’s are typically assigned at the time of a conversation but you can manage assignment of these id’s via whatever front end UI you are using.

@stephens how to assign custom conversation id via front end?

It depends on the channel you are using. You can see the sender value (another name for convo id) for the REST channel here.

Source code for the channels is here. Here’s where the websocket channel sets the id.

@stephens can you tell me why you suggested not to use rasa for this purpose?