Informing rasa about which user is logged in webapp

This is my first project using rasa. So I am using Django for the website backend (logging users into website). I am integrating the database with rasa to make custom queries for creating custom actions but I am unable to figure out how to inform rasa about which user(primary key) is logged in into the website. Note: Chat-Widget used is the one given on rasa open source documentation. Any help would be appreciated. Thankyou.

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You can POST messages to http://your.rasa.server/webhooks/rest/webhook, with the following format:

{ "sender": "ACB123", "message": "Hello, REST!"}

sender is the sender/conversation ID of the user sending the message, message is the message you want to send.

Messages can be either regular text or a payload to force an intent and (optionally) entities. A payload is of this form:

/intent_name{"entity_one": "value_one", "entity_two", "value_two"}

Of course you will need to choose an intent (I would create an inform intent for that), and each entity should have at least 2 examples in that intent.

On top of defining an intent and entities, you need to define a slot to save those entity values in for the long-term - unless you will use a custom action as a response which will read the entities from the tracker and do whatever then forget about them.

Please read:

Hi, @ChrisRahme hope u are doing well !!! I have tried your solution(by posting data to RASA URL) but when fetching the sender id from rasa it displays the default rather than the one which I have set. Does the fact that my chat widget is using socketio, make this solution ineffective? Also, I have tried to use the data-initial-payload attribute to convey the intent, but it isn’t working? Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks

That’s weird. Can you share the output of rasa --version?

What do you mean? Where did you try that?

Rasa version 2.8.7

Can you show me how you send the message? And how you “fetch the sender id from rasa”?