Saying that the examination is not complete even after passing the examination and obtaining certificates

I joined to rasa certification workshop in Udemy in August and I faced the exam in September this year. After passing the exam I got the certificate also from Rasa. But now it says that my exam is not completed. Why does it say like that? Even it didn’t update in the forum also.

Here is an attachment of confirmation mail that I had get from rasa with my certificates. I sent too many emails to rasa using every contact us method. But no one replies to me to fix this.

Hope your kind attention for this situation. I have been in big inconvenience because of this

@Sandares Thanks Sandares for this valuable feedback! I hope this post see by Rasa team and do the needful for you.

@rctatman Can you help me to solve this problem? :expressionless:

@Juste Is there any solution for this?

Hi Sandares! We recently updated our developer certification exam & the process by which certificates and forum badges are granted. Once you’ve passed the exam, your certificate will be generated immediately and your forum badge should show up in a day or so.

You can find the exam here or linked in the Udemy course: Rasa Developer Certification Exam

Hi, @rctatman I passed the exam before implementing the RASA learning centre. I already have my certificate also. Then why is it saying I did not pass the exam? Do I need to re-sit the exam?

yes, it sounds like you may need to resit the exam