Saving the response of curl request in mysql database

Hi i am new in rasa. I have made a curl request through this command " curl localhost:5005/model/parse -d ‘{“text”:“Hello?”}’ " and i got response like {“text”:“Hello”,“intent”:{“id”:-2912668537960145153,“name”:“greet”,“confidence”:0.9983952045},“entities”…

My question is that i want to store/save this response in mysql database.How it is possible?.Note that although chatbot is storing conversations (through trackerstore set in endpoints.yml file) that i made with it but it is not storing the chat that i send through curl request.My goal is to store the curl request response (in mysql db) whenever i make it.

i am using this command to run rasa server “rasa run -m models --enable-api --cors “*” --debug”

my endpoints.yml file have following settings


url: “http://localhost:5055/webhook


type: SQL

dialect: “mysql+pymysql” # the dialect used to interact with the db

url: “localhost” # (optional) host of the sql db, e.g. “localhost”

db: “rasa” # path to your db

username: name # username used for authentication

password: password # password used for authentication


type: “kafka”

security_protocol: SASL_PLAINTEXT

topic: my_topic

#port: 8000

url: localhost

db: “rasa”

sasl_username: name

sasl_password: password