How to connect RASA X with a database for use in mobile application

Version: Rasa X 0.42.0

I want to put a chatbot on an app and I need to record the data from the conversation so that they do not get lost when the user returns to the application

Welcome to the community, Harold :slight_smile:

You already have such a database - the Tracker Store.

On a default local installation, it is the .db files in the root directory of your chatbot. If you want to use MySQL instead for example, you should do the following in your endpoints.yml file:

  type: SQL
  dialect: "mysql"       # the dialect used to interact with the db, compatible: postgresql, oracle > 11.0, sqlite
  url: ""  # host of the SQL db
  db: "rasa_db"          # path to your db
  username:  "rasa"      # username used for authentication
  password:  "rasa"      # password used for authentication

As for the data not getting lost when returning, this is automatically handled by Rasa. The messages you’re sending from your application to the Rasa server are of the form {sender_id, message}. As long as sender_id is unchanging for a user, Rasa will store the incoming messages in the same place as the ones from a previous session.

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Thanks for the welcome and for the answer so well explained. It was very helpfully, and it is precisely with MySQL the database that I wanted to use. Sorry for my late answer

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