Saving a conversation of chatbot in mysql but i want to merge the person's convo to the same convo if he start again

i want to save the converstaion in a database for that i used tracker store at endpoint.yml file but it is saving conversation every single message i want to save them as a particular user if the user visit again and again have the conversation .

The conversations are stored in the tracker by sender_id. You’re front end can control the sender id so that if the user re-connects, the prior slots set by the user can be restored.

Thanks @stephens can you tell me how the sender id is being restored

What channel are you using?

i am using bot front widget as a front end for my bot @stephens

Then you are using the socket channel so you should review the docs here. Note the comment about setting session_persistence. It sounds like this setting could address your issue but you may also want to review the botfront widget readme and it’s comment about storage, persistence and storage options.