Save All the conversations to Microsoft sql server

Hi, @ souvikg10 ,@ Juste

I want to save all the user conversations to Microsoft sql server. or can I save locally the conversations to a YML file , similar to file Please help me with steps regarding the same .

I tried with SQL tracker store

endpoint.yml file

    type: SQL
    dialect: "mssql+pyodbc"  # the dialect used to interact with the db
    url: "localhost"  # (optional) host of the sql db, e.g. "localhost"
    db: "rasa_conversations"  # path to your db
    username: "**"  # username used for authentication
    password: '****' # password used for authentication
    query: # optional dictionary to be added as a query string to the connection URL
      driver: "SQL+Server+Native+Client+11.0"

link create

2020-03-25 11:44:10 DEBUG    rasa.core.tracker_store  - Attempting to connect to database via 'mssql+pyodbc://**:****@localhost/rasa_conversations?driver=SQL+Server+Native+Client+11.0'.


pyodbc.InterfaceError: ('IM002', '[IM002] [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified (0) (SQLDriverConnect)')

Regards, Aashay

Hi @Aashay1

Since SQLAlchemy supports MSQL, the export should work fine.

How exactly are you extracting data?

Quick googling shows me that there’s a configuration issue. Are you sure the DB is accesable? It’s also possible that some tweak has to be made within Rasa itself in case it won’t work.

I am not sure how to do that

When I use pyodbc only its working fine , but its not working with rasa

Hey @Aashay1,

Please check this answer on the stack overflow. Looks like there’s an issue with the driver you’re specifying.

Sorry I can’t be much help here, since it’s an issue in between SQLAlchemy and MSSQL.

Hi @degiz ,

I will surely try to do the same, For now I am able to store the data in json file on local disk

I have my rasa running perfectly on local machine, I want to put it on server and make is available for tester. I am not a developer hence finding it difficult to do so can you please provide me a guide to do so .

Tank you Aashay

Hey @degiz thank you I am successfully able to store in ms-sql now

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hi @Aashay1 could you elaborate how you store bot conversations in Microsoft SQL server