Same value for different entity

Hi, I am stuck with a problem where I have a similar value for multiple entity. How can this be tackled

Hi @garimaagarwal1007, could you provide some examples of what you mean?

Hi @mloubser So basically initially I had a value which was my entity value for an entity called ecosystem and I used to fill it as my slot called ecosystem. But now I have the same value which should correspond to an entity called application. So if the user enter a value which is expected in both the entities, what should be done in such a case.

Are the entities expected to appear in very similar sentences? In that case, there’s no way DIET could learn the distinction. If the entities are expected in very different sentence contexts, it may still be able to learn the difference from training data. Alternatively, define one entity, and use a custom action to differentiate values. The viability of that approach is going to depend very much on the specifics of your data & use case.