Many values for the same entity how to do it

hello , i’m creating a chatbot for restaurants and how to make food . i’m using only rasa nlu and i want to have many food names for the same entity example :

entity : food

value : * salad.

  • sandwich.
  • bread.
  • steak.
  • tuna steak.
  • fish.
  • shrimp.
  • etc …

when the user puts : i want to eat tuna steak

i want rasa understand that tuna steak is a food and the value is tuna steak

any help of how i can do that

Perhaps a lookup table will help you:

thanks for the reply . i knew about the lookup table but i couldn’t understand it example :

if in my rasa data i put this : i want to eat a food

entity is food

does when i integer a lookup table rasa will understand this message and extract the entity ;

i want to eat a sushi dose in this example rasa extract sushi as a food ?

You provide some example like:

I want to eat [sandwich](food)
I would like a [tuna steak](food)

and then you add:

## lookup:food

with all your food types in food.txt

2 examples are enought ? to make the model understand all foods or should i include all my food in sentences like this :

I want to eat sandwich

I want to eat salade

I would like a tuna steak

how many examples should i put to make it understand 2 or more ?

A few examples (but more than 2) should be enough as the lookup table will help.

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thanks for helping