Same slot with different value

Hello, I am making FAQ based chatbot. In this, the user can know his details by entering the username and mobile number but my concern is that when another user entered his details, it doesn’t take it. Rather it is working for the only previous user. Now, I want to make it work for simultaneous users. How to make it work?


What channel are you using? Simultaneous users work fine on most connectors we have. If you’re building a custom one you just have to make sure different sender ids get assigned to different users

I am sending a request using web UI. Like this:

    user_message = request.form["text"]
    response = requests.get("http://localhost:5005/conversations/default/respond",params={"query":user_message})

Can u please guide me to take to different sender id using flask?


Changed the “default” to actual unique user id. /conversations/{sender_id}/respond