Setting up Rasa bot on AWS and integrating it with my SSL enabled server

Hi Community!

So I’m working on chat-bot which can give details about users of my application to the clients. My company already have an app running which provide Salesforce automation. So my goal is to create a chatbot that can be integrated with our app and help provide answers to our clients. Our app is also hosted on AWS and working perfectly fine and it is secured. For testing purposes, I have created a new AWS account and hosted a new server on which I have uploaded my bot. So now I’m facing these issues,

  1. the bot is running fine with http but not on https
  2. Tried to use reverse proxy method in apache2 but couldn’t get any response in the browser.
  3. couldn’t get the port 5005 to answer in https://my-ip:5005

So How can I get rasa core response in my app server. I’m not that familiar with servers.

thanks for help in advance.

Hi @Akshit, have you installed SSL certificates with your apache2 reverse proxy? See, for instance, How To Use Apache HTTP Server As Reverse-Proxy Using mod_proxy Extension | DigitalOcean “4.4. Enabling SSL Support”