End to End deployment of Rasa chatbot

Can you please help me in deployment process of Rasa chatbot.

  • I have created a bot using Rasa NLU and Rasa Core
  • Using Socket Io i have connected to React Rasa Webchat

It is working in Localhost just fine…but i need to make this bot available to my website for users.

How can i do it? Anyone… Please Guide me to move forward.

Hi @ravikrcs, here’s some information on how to do that.

hi @ravikrcs can you lease tell me the steps to connect your bot with socket io thak you

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(change your models path) connect.py (949 Bytes)


(if you want to put the bot on your website then add scripts in your body tag)

index.html (1.1 KB)

steps to run:

  1. run the rasa server : rasa run

  2. compile connect.py file: python connect .py

  3. open index.html file or your own website

And now i want to deploy on aws ec2 How can i do it.