RulePolicy - Answering faqs depending on role entities

Hi guys!

I am having fun building a conversational agent using Rasa 2.0. Here’s the question:

With the new RulePolicy, there’s a new way to manage faqs and chitchat. I am building a reservation bot which works in the healthcare domain. Basically, I have a bunch of tests the patient can reserve, and every test has its own “pre-test” recommendations.

I grouped up all the tests in a single entity label, named “test”. In this big group, according to the kind of recommendation, I created sub-groups which have in common the same recommendations. Is there a way to set a rule to answer faqs according to entities role?


Hi @andreacirillo, are you using the ResponseSelector for your FAQs? In general, you can use the role or group in a custom action to set a slot like “group_one” that you then use to direct the rule you’re writing