How to triger `action_restart` from custom website?

To restart a conversation we can use action_restart method in end of the story. But i need to call this method from custom website. I have a button in my chat interface and when i click on the icon i need the bot to restart the conversation. What input should i pass to rasa core in order to trigger action_restart method. Do i need to create a new intent as ##intent: restart ?

How can i do this?


check this out:

@JiteshGaikwad, thanks for your solution it worked. But there is one more problem. After the restart, i tried my chat conversation again but it didn’t go as previous (happy path), it crashed in the middle, and the slots didn’t fill.
But after refreshing the page it works as normal (success way).

I thought, all active formactions will be deactivated after the restart action. But it’s not.

hey @kabeer, I haven’t tested this with the formactions, I need to check, Thanks for that I will figure it out, if you find, do let me know :slight_smile: