Rasa X API


I have Rasa X running locally on port 5002. I want to send a message via Postman and see Rasa response on the ‘Talk to your bot’ section. I tried sending { “sender”: “test_user”, “message”: “hi” } to: http://localhost:5002/webhooks/rest/webhook. I got html response but nothing on Rasa interactive chat widget.

How can I do this? big thanks

@userRasa03 can you share rasa --version while activating your environment?

hello, Rasa 2.8.15, Rasa X 1.0.0, but all I want after starting Rasa X server is to send POST requests via Postman. How can I do this

@rctatman i learned a lot from your videos on Rasa do you have any feedback here? big thanks

@userRasa03 I will recommend to see this : Rasa Open Source Documentation | Conversational AI with Rasa: Integration with a Website - YouTube

Thanks. Sorry that does not seem to have any information on my question about Rasa X server. Could someone help please? I am trying to start Rasa X interface with a POST request @rctatman

@userRasa03 Thanks for the update. Good Luck!