ResponseSelector Support

Is it possible to train a bot via Rasa X that uses ResponseSelector? Or do we still need to train on a separate instance of Rasa and upload to Rasa X?

Yes, you can do a train on Rasa X.

I’m finding that while training is successful, when my any intents using response selector do not work. If I train a model and upload it to Rasa X it then does work.

The versions I’m using: RASA_X_VERSION=0.31.2 RASA_VERSION=1.10.9

I’m finding the same issue on the latest Rasa X version(0.31.5) and latest Rasa version (1.10.10 full). Can I please have some confirmation that what Akela said here Rasa X can't find Response Selector data a few months ago is still the case right now?