What i am missing here?

Dear Team,

When i am training the model with “rasa train”, i am facing the below error.

Cannot train ‘ResponseSelector’. Need at least 2 different intent classes. Skipping training of classifier.

Could you please help me fixing it. Thanks

Best Regards, Ravi

@krkc Are you using the response selector for your chatbot?

Hey, @nik202 Yes i’m using it.

Luckily i’ve fixed it by creating a couple more faq’s.

Along with FAQ - Happy and Sad path in stories.yml.

Early i had only created one faq for my flow development purpose.

Thanks again for your response.

Best Regards, Ravi

@krkc Great! For your reference still Chitchat and FAQs Good Luck!

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Great thanks @nik202 That really helps :slight_smile: