How to pass custom actions as response for a retrieval intent like ChitChat?

HI, I came across Chitchat and FAQ’s and their implementation. By creating rules, for each intent based on grouping, a different response is provided. In rules.yml: ‘’'rules:

  • rule: respond to chitchat steps:
    • intent: chitchat
    • action: utter_chitchat’’’

In nlu.yml ‘’'nlu:

  • intent: chitchat/ask_name examples: |

    • What is your name?
  • intent: chitchat/ask_weather examples: |

    • What’s the weather like today?’’’

in domain.yml ‘’'responses: utter_chitchat/ask_name:

  • text: Hello, my name is Retrieval Bot. utter_chitchat/ask_weather:
  • text: Oh, it does look sunny right now in Berlin. ‘’’

How can I pass custom actions instead of responses defined?


@jmendez48 did you find an answer? Have the same query.

@jmendez48 , Did you find any solution? I have the same challenge

At the moment you can’t do it.

I try to have rule with full retrieval intent (eg: faq/location) and custom action in rule.yml.

- rule: Respond to FAQ location
  - intent: faq/location
  - action: action_location

When run rasa data validate it show:

rasa/shared/utils/ UserWarning: Issue found in 'data/rules.yml' while parsing story rule:
User intent 'faq/location' is a full retrieval intent. Stories shouldn't contain full retrieval intents. Rasa Open Source will only use base intent 'faq' for training.

You could think about custom actions begin with utter_. But It won’t work either because as mention here

Stories and written like for regular responses, but instead of starting with utter_, custom action names should start with action_.

Any update on this?