Relating trainingdata, model and insights in Rasa X: a suggestion as well as a question

I like Rasa X very much. It’s a great tool foor acting CDD. Alsough the recently implemented Insights reports are usefull.

My Question But now I exprience the issue of how combining all the parts explicity, i.e. Insights, Model and trainingsdata.

Off course, I can look at the models timestamp and compare it with the data in Bitbucket. And I can save the Insigths report with the models name (tip).

But I think, there should be a better way, some functionality in Rasa X, f.e. naming the commit for checking it in in BB. And giving the model the same name or the other way around.

This featur would especially be usefull when comparing configs, or when reporting on todays results when compared with last weeks results (i.e. insights)

NB: I know about the CLI capabilities (Rasa Open Source), But because Rasa is such a great tool and I think even not-developers can use it, I think it could be a rasa x feature.

Rasa 2.4.1, Rasa X 0.40, Bitbucket

Hi @HermanH

Really cool to see you are finding insights useful!

This is good feedback - if there is a specific feature you think would be really useful, e.g. linking reports to past models, you can open an issue in the repo.