hello, I’m new to rasa i want to use regex for different types of names where length of the string is not specific. can anyone please help me with this. Thanks in advance.

Do you want to use regex for entity extraction? The problem is not clear from your message. But in general I’d say, that you should only use regex if it’s highly specific. Otherwise it’s probably better to use lookup tables (which uses super-specific regex btw) to improve the entity extraction.

can you give me an example please because the entity which I defined is custom one where I don’t know what the string would be. Hope you understood. It can be anything like

  • rohan
  • ronith
  • kalisi

When everything is possible a regex is definitely not the way to go. If your entities have a well-defined scope you could use lookup tables.


I am also facing this same issue. is this issue is solved?
please let me know the solution.


Read this thread.