Regarding issues with slot

Hello guys , I am trying to create one weather bot which is capable of handling weather related queries to get start with i use (Weatherbot_Tutorial/Full_Code_Latest at master · JustinaPetr/Weatherbot_Tutorial · GitHub) repository from GitHub and i did some modification to get the code works but i am facing issue like m unable to retrive slots (it’s returning none type and i am attaching screenshot of the error

. and screenshot file for your reference let me know like whether m doing anything wrong with file

there is a TypeError in line 19, something must be a string but is None instead. I guess loc is None

Thanks for your reply, but if you check in file the tracker.get_slot(‘location’) have to check the user location and based on that it should give the location string instead of none, can you help in that how can i avoid that as nonetype

it will give you a string only if the slot location is filled, otherwise it will return None

But i have did everything whatever i followed from that repository and i changed custom actions too, but still i am unable to fill that slot location, can you give me any examples to how to know whether slots are filling or not and how can i check

I think you can try running in interactive mode and you can see clearly whether your slots are filled

Thanks, now i got where i was doing wrong and now slots are returning the string value.