Slot value is None from default tracker in custom action

Hey, I set a slot value in a custom action tracker.slots['slot_name'] = value and I tried to get its value tracker.get_slot('slot_name') in the same action it worked. But when I tried to get its value in the next custom action called, I get None as a slot value. The tracker I’m using is the default one. Does anyone have an idea how to fix that.

Are you returning the slot set in custom actions? Slots only gets set by returning it.

return SlotSet('slotName', value)

It worked now thank you

Hlo srikar_1996
I am having a slot
I am trying to set its value so that i can use it throughout my conversation.
slot is “my_id”.
in my file
I am doing this -
return [SlotSet(“my_id”, “vi.kumar”)]
but my slot gets none
kindly help

Facing same issue, how do you resolve this bro?