Multilingual Bot using Rasa demo code

I have tried to use the rasa demo for multilingual bots however I keep getting an error while using docker. Is there a way to test it without using docker? I tried using rasa train but I am not sure how to give it two config files. I want to connect two separate rasa model (with two separate config files, two separate domain file and one story file).

Hi @IsraaMohamedHamid are you able to run training individually for each config file? You can pass in the configuration for each model using this flag: rasa train --config config.yml

No instead I tried combined the English nlu, domain and story to the Arabic nlu, domain and story, I simply added _en and _ar to be able to separate the intents, responses and story. I used the Arabic config. Depending on the story it then identifies the language the user inputs.

hello @IsraaMohamedHamid , can u share a git repo or a demo or a tuto u followed please ,? thank u