Regarding port number issue

Hello there , I want to run my 2 diffrent bots on same server and same port number any idea like how can i do that . any suggestion will be helpful

Thanks saptami

You will probably need to provide more information on how this would be deployed, if you are using docker you can use the same internal port on the servers but map it to different external ports(so 2 different containers with 2 different bots). There isn’t really a feasible way to run 2 bots on the same port on the same server that won’t really work if you are referring to 2 different rasa instances.

Or are you referring to more of a single rasa instance that can have more than 1 bot it more or less manages which is not something we officially have yet.

@btotharye i am not using any docker one more thing like if i have 2 diffrent clients for difftent product and i want one bot to handle both the client ,is there any way to deal with such situation

hello there ,

  1. if i have 2 instance of rasa and i want to run it on same server and same port number is there any way to do like that .
  2. if i have one rasa chatbot with diffrent clients how can i deal it with diffrent clients is there any way to handle with diffrent datasets example have one project directory of rasa and want to run both weather bot and movie asisting bot using one directory by segregating dataset . any suggestions will be helpful thanks saptami