Reading from a table of questions and relative answers

We are working on a project in my company to implement a chatbot which would answer some user questions related to some HR questions and some basic usage of Outlook (as a first stage). The main idea is: the user will ask the bot a question (like how to archive my outlook mail box) and the bot should answer with a link which when the user clicks on it takes him to a specific link to our knowledge base which we already have. So it’s basically an input: question and output: answer of a certain link. so in this simple model is it possible to have some sort of excel file which has different questions and the link of the answer?

The input file can be an excel file for example or a table in mysql for example.

Do you have some ready examples?

Thanks & Regards, Maha

Hi Maha, thanks for posting your question!

You will need multiple examples of questions for the same FAQ question-answer pair as training examples. Just a single question-answer mapping will not suffice as Rasa needs multiple examples to be able to handle slight changes and variants.

Hope that answers your question.

I have a similar requirement. Can RASA take an excel/csv(containing many questions) as an input and respond to each of the questions. (Ofcourse, after we have the training examples all defined in the nlu, response and domain files)