Can anyone give some insights on how to feed 1k plus questions and answer to rasa

Here I am trying to make FAQ bot using RASA framework.I have already tried Microsoft Bot Framework for the same.Using Microsoft bot framework for creating data source(knowledge base) was to give all urls to QNA service and it will automatically extracts question and related answers pairs from the mentioned link. I just want to know how can be do the same task using Rasa. Do we have to do one to one mapping of each and every question and answer pair in rasa nlu trainer interface or there is some other shortcut instead of doing this manually.

currently we don’t have automated data converters for this. But you can right a script to convert the format of your data into response selector format

Thanks for ur response

@Ghostvv Can u elaborate how to do mapping between question and answer pair. An example json file or demo project repo would help a lot

here is the docs about our response selector: Responses. Please follow the links inside for description of data format