Reading Dynamic user input and processing via custom actions without form


I am using rasa version1.3.7. The ask is very simple. I need to accept text input from the chat bot and pass the input as a variable to action.

The text input can be anything let’s say i have 1000 devices. It can be any one of 1000 devices , where once i enter the device name the chat bot should validate by passing the entered text via variable to do validations and utter_message with status.

I just need a sample code snippet for this requirement. Regards V.Krishna

Let me make it but simple.if you can guide me with this simple example below i can create rest.

This is my requirement.

Bot: Enter host: me: abcdefg1234 Bot : The entered host is abcdefg1234

@vkc You can use either slots or entities for this purpose.

From the user input rasa can extract entities and fill slots. These can be accessed from your custom action to do your custom validations.

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actually in my case i cannot save any predefined values as host entry can be anything.

Actually what ever text user enters i need to capture it in a variable in and act on it.

Can you give me a sample code for the same.

Regards V.Krishna