Detect text a string in a custom action as a user input


Is there a way to make the bot consider a string as a user input? I’m trying to write an action that will run an action from earlier in the conversation. Currently i can retrieve the user input and the name of the action that was run.

But how would I make the bot treat this retrieved text as a user input and then respond appropriately?


If you would like to extract specific keywords, you may use slots.

For complete retrieval of user’s reply you may access Tracker tracker.latest_message[“text”]

in custom action

Thanks! But I can already retrieve the user input. What I want to know is how I would make the bot run a custom action from the retrieved info without the user inputing it again.

Basically I want the bot to treat the retrieved data as a new user input without the user having to write it again.

Can you be more specific about the user input? A sentence or a key word like location if it’s keywords, you can use slots and form.

It depends, it is often a sentence. To be more specific, I’m trying to make an action that will run the latest custom action performed by the bot just by the user asking for it to be run again. Since the bot has several different actions I could not figure out a way to do this with stories.

Hi @ZwodoPaZ,

What you’re looking for might be custom slot mappings. An answer to a similar question is here: How best to fill a slot that can have any value

You can read about it here: Forms

Hope that helps.

Thank you very much! It’s no exactly what i was looking for but I think i can make it work!