RasaX keep put the default model in the "Talk to your bot" even though I upload my model

Hi! I am having a hard time pushing my model onto my RasaX server.

After successfully uploading my model as a .tar.gz file, what I receive is the Rasa default model (the one automatically created after we run rasa init). I have tried this a few times and also tried with another model, the result is the same default model in the “Talk to your bot” tab. My wild guess is that I have uploaded and use this default model once before and now it keeps using that model no matter what model I select the “Active” option.

I have also tried to train the model online with the data from my connected GitHub, but there is always some error that stops this process (IDK what error because there is no error message). My data train fine on my home machine so I really don’t know why this happens.

I need this model online ASAP so could anyone please help me with this! Thanks in advance!