Rasa-X upload model link not working

Recently i upgrade my rasax to 0.40.0 and the upload model shows as below curl -k -F “model=@my_model.tar.gz” “https://tsbottest.uk.dev.net:9443//projects/default/models?api_token=

But the above is not working. I modified the above to upload my model to curl -k -F “model=@my_model.tar.gz” “https://tsbottest.uk.dev.net:9443/api/projects/default/models?api_token=”

But my rasa-x is not responding to any query.

Kindly help me.

Any solution? I have the same issue @rangaeeeee .

@thundersparkf What is your issue like? What steps you are using for uploading the model? can you share some error or screenshot?


And then:

And then:

Finally, the traceback:

@thundersparkf can you confirm me the model size?

23 Mb. Just used the rasa init model.

@thundersparkf can you please share me rasa --version screenshot

Well its a helm so its pulling rasa-x 0.42 and rasa-2.8.1 full container image tags. Its not running locally its running as a cluster on EKS

@thundersparkf Right. I guess Chris will help you more as I never used Helm for any of my project :frowning: sorry.

@thundersparkf Are you able to train the model in rasa x ? yes or no?

Yes weirdly Im able to train it using the worker pod. Thanks for the idea! However I do hope the original issue also gets a solve because we’ve already setup CI/CD in gitlab and another pod adds to expenses. But again, thanks a lot! Second time you’ve saved my Rasa cluster😁

Update: Im not sure what the hell happened but adding a worker allows me to also upload models now.

@thundersparkf I am some time lucky :four_leaf_clover: for others :wink:

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Haha! Describes all of my software dev journey.

And also it works when I remove the worker pod too. Wonder how the worker pod ties into all this.

@thundersparkf Magic my friend :slight_smile: but I am happy that your issue is solved.

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