Is rasa-x working with rasa version 3.2.x ?. I checked the compatibility matrix and it showed rasa enterprise 1.2.x should work with rasa version 3.2.x. But after installing rasa-x I got the following error. Your version of rasa ‘3.2.6’ is currently not supported by Rasa X. Running rasa x CLI command with rasa version higher or equal to 3.0.0 will result in errors. rasa.shared.utils.io.raise_warning How can I resolve this issue ?

I have a similar issue. I’ve installed Rasa Enterprise 1.2.2 with rasa 3.2.6-full and tried to train / upload a model from a fresh rasa demo project with rasa 3.2.6 and SDK 3.2.1. If I try to train model from GitHub, I get an error. The logs of the rasa-x-container say KeyError: 'worker'. If I upload a locally trained model, the Rasa Enterprise UI shows a tag “incompatible”.