Rasa X incompatible version

I am trying to use Rasa X with my model, I have created this model using rasa init. Rasa versions versions

the error I got

Please help me to resolve this issue.

Update: Rasa X page is not showing any models, even though I got an error when I am trying to upload a model and when I train a new one I can’t find it on the models’ page.

Training data appear. Is it something related to the authentications?

Thank you

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According to the Compatibility Matrix, the versions should be compatible.

Please open a GitHub issue about that.

Meanwhile, can you try with the following versions?

Rasa X    Rasa Open Source    Rasa SDK
0.42.6	  2.8.14	          2.8.3

Welcome to the forum! @OmarBasubeit

Are you trying to install Rasa X 1.0.1 on the local machine is that right and can you share the installation process you followed (link?)


Just to be clear, If I upgrade to Rasa 3.0, Is there any possible way to use rasa x? Connecting through event broker for example?

Or is rasa X completely incompatible?

Hi @nik202 , I already installed rasa x from the official rasa youtube channel. Yes I am using rasa X 1.0.1

@skylacking - Rasa X is not compatible with Rasa 3.x yet, but it will at the end of this quarter.

Did you try downgrading as I suggested?

please provide me with the command for that, i tried but i couldn’t , I am using windows

pip install rasa==2.8.14 rasa-x==0.42.6 -i https://pypi.rasa.com/simple

Your training files mention version: 3. They should mention version 2.

Yes, @OmarBasubeit I can see that you were able to install rasa x.1.0.1 and that too local machine, but I’m afraid it will not gonna work, and you only replied to my partial answer about my question.

It mentioned version 2 not 3

Can you send your domain.yml file?

version: ‘2.0’


session_expiration_time: 60

carry_over_slots_to_new_session: true


  • affirm

  • bot_challenge

  • deny

  • goodbye

  • greet

  • mood_great

  • mood_unhappy



  • text: Hey! How are you?



  • text: Did that help you?


  • text: Great, carry on!


  • text: Bye


  • text: I am a bot, powered by Rasa.