Rasa.core.training.dsl - Invalid story file format error

hi there , I’m getting this error when typing “rasa train” command

and this is my stories.md file

and am sure that all actions in stories.md file do exist in domain file help please

I think it happens, because you have 2 spaces before ## Story 1

I removed the 2 space and the same error appeared againrun.txt (13.0 KB) the file contains the error description

could you post the raw text of the story - could also be the arabic characters

stories.md (217 Bytes)

this is the stories file

and this is the domain file if needed domain.yml (291 Bytes)

It looks like there is a problem with your ## symbols

I have changed the encoding of stories file into ANSI instead of UTF-8 and ran the "rasa train "command and it worked very well

thank you very much for your help