Rasa-X stack and testing end-to-end stories

Hello, I have a Rasa-x docker stack and I would like to test models with the production or worker containers. I also use the multi-project importer. When I execute the command “rasa test” in the container, I receive: The path ‘tests’ does not exist. Please make sure to use the default location (‘data’) or specify it with ‘–stories’.

I have a “tests” folder in my repository that I use to set the stack up. What am I missing here? Do I need to mount a volume to these containers with the test stories?

The docker setup is not intended to be used for testing but you could do a docker run on the rasa/rasa image and pass it the test command.

In general, we recommending running tests locally on your desktop where the project is checked out from git. For example, if you look at our helpdesk-assistant bot you’ll see we have a Makefile with commands that validate, test and cross-validate the model.

In the rasa-demo bot, we have a good example of the tests that would be run as part of a CI/CD process here.