Rasa X says training failed even though it didn't

Version: Rasa X 0.37.1 Rasa-X Helm Chart installation

    # tag refers to the Rasa X image tag
    tag: "0.37.1"
# rasa: Settings common to all Rasa containers
    # tag refers to the Rasa image tag
    tag: "2.3.1-full"

When I set a model to train over the UI (Training → Update Model → Train Model), I get an Error Message telling me training failed and nothing else:


But if I check the logs in the production container, I see that the training keeps on going.

If I check in the Rasa X Models section after a while I see a new Model there. If I activate it, it works perfectly even though it “Failed”.

Same with me.

Rasa X 0.39.3 en Rasa 2.4.3-full, Openshift installation

  1. Rasa X, training reports “failed”
  2. After a few minutes model shows up in model tab
  3. I activate the new trained model (that was reported failed!)
  4. Conversations perform as I was expecting

So, eíther is there some treshold for this failure signal to appear , or it is a bug?

Note: On CLI at linux server, model training with same traningdata and config gives me no training failor. I only get one warning, when validating the data, i.e. the retrieval utterance has got no matching response (known bug, see Reponse validation gives incorrect warning for sub-intent responses · Issue #8070 · RasaHQ/rasa · GitHub)

2021-05-31 10:57:34 INFO rasa.validator - Validating utterances… /srv/shared/huijh03/venv_rasa2.3/lib64/python3.6/site-packages/rasa/shared/utils/io.py:93: UserWarning: The action ‘utter_ict_faq’ is used in the stories, but is not a valid utterance action. Please make sure the action is listed in your domain and there is a template defined with its name. More info at Actions Project validation completed with errors.

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I also get a warning about a retrieval intent:

UserWarning: Action 'utter_faq' is listed as a response action in the domain file, but there is no matching response defined. Please check your domain.

This is probably related then.

Has anybody who read this posts a comment, tip, reply?