Rasa x password change

I want to reset my rasa x password. I uploaded it on google app engine. How do i reset the password?

@insightskillz can you see the password in log when you running rasa x?

Ok thanks’ Nik

@insightskillz you can change like this.

I got these errors

–header ‘content-type: application/json’ --data-binary @repository.json {“version”:“0.23.3”,“status”:“failure”,“message”:“Could not save model.\nNo model file found.”,“reason”:“ModelSaveError”,“details”:{},“help”:null,“code”:404}

@insightskillz can you please tell me how you generated this error? and please share me screenshot.

When connecting the repository to Rasa X

@insightskillz you want to change the Rasa-X password are you able to do so?

@insightskillz Emma I guess this is not related to this topic post, and hope you agree with me? Please I request close this thread for others users and open a new topic thread for your new generated errors. Thanks.

Ok thanks

@insightskillz Please close this thread Emma. Thanks.

@insightskillz Emma mark the solution tick.

It’s been resolved… Thanks for the support

@insightskillz Emma, I hope you doing great :slight_smile: Please I would like to request close this thread as solution for others. Thanks.

@nik202 Thank you for the response. i have been able to resolve the issued.

Kind Regards

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