Rasa X not running on Mac

Hi Team,

I am unable to run Rasa X locally on macOS. I have two questions:- Can Rasa x run locally on a Mac system, if yes then I have another question, I am able to install Rasa x but when I run the “rasa x” command in the terminal I am getting the below error message in the terminal? Can you please assist me what is the issue-

Also, I did a google search for this issue but I am not able to get the correct answer.

Regards, Ayush

Hi @asing218, yes, you can run Rasa X locally on macOS.

Can you summarize the detailed installation steps you used, including the creation of any python virtual environment ?

Hi Arjaan,

Apologies for the late reply.

I used all the steps that are written on the below link:- Installation However, I was getting errors in the packages as I am using macOS. I did downgrade the sanic and multidict.

We found that there are no issues in the code as we run the same code on the windows and we were able to run the RASA X.