Rasa X - model keeps retraining with same nlu data

Version: dev-CC

Hi all,

i use RasaX on server and once i upload the nlu file and train the model i activate the new one. However, without adding a new nlu file, i am able to click ‘train’ again & a new model is created, while the confidence score of utterances is changing after each retrain In addition to this, if i download the nlu file, it’s slightly different from what i uploaded

since i am not maintaining the local installation or anything, i am just using RasaX on server, i don’t have more information on that any ideas how to resolve this issue? This issue is new, nothing similar has been happening before, an error was thrown of ‘no new training data found, nothing to train’ or something like that

Thanks a lot, Emma

@eandread did you linked the git with the rasa x? update on git and it should be same as git repo and train the model.

Have you resolved it ? MyBKExperience