Rasa X - license file in docker image

Hello - I have a docker image that starts rasa x. The issue is that it is request user acceptance of the license. The message: Would you like to view the license agreement in your web browser? (Y/n)Before you can use Rasa X, you have to agree to its license agreement (you will only have to do this once).

The Question: How can I accept the terms once and have that acceptance in my docker image?

Hi @baumanal, I think you can do like so:

echo "${USER} $(date)" > ${RASA_HOME}/terms/agree.txt

as that’s the command that the script runs when you agree to the terms.

Hi @baumanal, you can also run Rasa X with the --no-prompt argument as it is going to consider that you do not want to display and accept the terms automatically.

The --no-prompt works!

The docker CMD looks like - CMD [“rasa”, “x”, “–enable-api”, “-p”, “80”, “–cors”, “*”, “–no-prompt”]

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